New Feature: The Good Teeth Bad Teeth Podcast – Episode One

Welcome to GBTB’s newest (and, from now on, only) feature, in which the plan is to take all the elements of GBTB that you’ve been mildly indifferent to over the last three-and-a-half years, and distill them into conversational pieces of easy listening for your aural amusement.

So, with that out of the way, it’s time to give you what we’re loosely calling “Episode One”, the first of a two-part special (I know, how arrogant is that, starting off with a double episode?) in which Good Teeth unleashes eight years of fury (while I sort of nod and agree a lot) over the disappointment that was Dexter. In fact, so raw is this disappointment that we’ve actually had to split the episode into two, given how many plot-holes and continuity errors were unearthed throughout the recording. Anyway, sit back, get angry and enjoy/endure part one of our Dexter Disappointment Double…

Episode One – Dexter: Part I


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  1. Thank you GBTB for adding evidence to my apathy for Dexter and my disgust for the finale. A few things to add
    1. Bearded Alaskan Dexter is still a serial killer… now of trees
    2. Out takes during the closing credits was a missed opportunity to make the finale even more like a plate of luke warm leftovers shoved under my nose which l am expected to enjoy.
    3. Argentina
    4. Is that Mr Fang meowing in the background?
    5. Was he a psychopath or not? I say no. Do l care? Not so much

    • Excellent observations, Mrs. BT! I’d like to respond in kind, if I may…

      1. Ha!
      2. There were out takes during the closing credits? I was so angry when it ended that I closed the file and deleted it about two seconds into the ending theme music.
      3. Ha! (again)
      4. “Mr. Fang”. That is one of the best cat names ever.
      5. I’d say definite sociopath with perhaps psychopathic tendencies. And like you, I also don’t really care.

  2. by outtakes I was referring to the thing they do at the end of really bad films where they include the bits that ended up on the cutting room floor because someone corpsed or forgot their lines and then everyone laughs hysterically. The finale was so horrendous that I feared they would actually include some outtakes at the end just to put the cherry on the icing on the cake of the shit
    Don’t get me wrong, I liked the opening titles, but not enough to watch them 90 odd times!

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