Live Aid (part one)

You know how in the last episode we had this impetuous idea of “hey, let’s do a Live Aid special, where are they now?” kind of thing? Well, we’ve only gone and bloody done it. To such an extent that we’ve spent days watching every bit of footage we could lay our hands on, and consequently wading our way through endless hairstyles like this:

mullet collage

Then, when we could hardly take any more, we started recording the Live Aid Special last Sunday morning/afternoon, only to realise 5 hours in that we were probably going to have to split this thing into TWO separate episodes, as we’d only got halfway through the entire bill. Then, during editing, I realised we’d then have to split the first of the two episodes into two AGAIN, meaning, overall you’re gonna get FOUR of these fuckers. So, take your seats next to Sir Bob, pretend it’s July 13th 1985 and endure the glory of mid-80s contemporary music as if you were there yourselves…


[Download here: Live Aid (part one)]




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