A Rifle Through The Dailymail


We were at a bit of a loose end this month, so we decided to read the Mail Online and see what happened. Turns out most of it nowadays is paid advertorials, but hey, at least they’re not openly trumpeting fascism anymore, so that’s good.

[DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 25 (right-click, “save as”)]




  1. Funny stuff. The Daily Fail is the biggest online paper in the world. I also read it takes them about 4 minutes to shovel together articles cobbled from social media sources. I don’t mince my words though cos I am from Yorkshire. The Daily Fail is nothing but a “Royal Wank Mag” for devout Monarchists and Tory Scum everywhere.
    It makes amusing reading though – one can infer the truth from the general lies that they push. But many sadly take it at face value.

    • Yeah, as long as you read it and know what is it, then it’s good fun (and that website is a joy to navigate, it has to be said). But at the same time, it’s so easy to get sucked in…

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