The Swap (part one)


Episode 26 is a South Florida/West Cornwall swapsy extravaganza, during which we begin discussion on our recent HOUSE SWAP – a life-changing journey involving Good Teeth, Mr. Good Teeth, Good Teeth Bestie, Bad Teeth and Mrs. Bad Teeth.

In short, some Americans experienced places that look like this:

engine house

And some Brits enjoyed these kinds of surroundings:

beach canal

So join us as we discuss the fun and mishaps from our reciprocal holidays, including several episodes of damage caused by me – most notably:

table2 table

Oh, and this parking ticket:

parking ticket

There’s also a cracking wee story courtesy of Good Teeth, as well as a blow-by-blow retelling of her St Ives one-way driving tragedy. Add in a bit of toilet talk and a knee sprain and you pretty much have what we’re tentatively calling “The Swap (part one)”. Enjoy…

[Download here (right-click, “save as”): EPISODE 26 – The Swap (part one)]



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