Good Teeth, Bad Teeth is a trans-Atlantic podcast usually recorded on a Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening (UK time) roughly once a month by two middle aged people 5,000 miles (and 5 hours) apart.

Have fun listening…



  1. So you’ve spent time in both countries featured on our blog, which makes you more than qualified in the matters posted here on GBTB. What happened regarding the Bury St. Edmunds marriage story, by the way?

    Thanks for taking the time to read…


    • I see you’re a genuine Camborne-er, as you’ve got the “Grow Up” piece from the alleyway next to Lloyd’s Pharmacy, and the “Don’t Cross (street) me” epic from the opposite side of that road. For some reason, although it’s not our m.o. on here particularly, both myself and Good Teeth have a fascination with street scrawlings from our respective localities, and I think (although I’m biased) that Camborne is shading it on points so far in that regard…

      Thanks for reading,

  2. I have never been across the pond from here in ohio, but I have met a couple of unfortunate people from the UK. I am pretty convinced some of these people left their homes to come here because no one liked them at home. Just like some of the finest selfless people I know never leave their prospective neighborhoods … Andy Griffith never left Mayberry …

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